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List of interviews recorded by Sid Perou

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Title Interviewee Interviewer Duration
The first 1,000' cave dive in Keld Head Mike Wooding Sid Perou 06:11
Diving in Agen Allwedd and the death of Roger Solari Martyn Farr Sid Perou 13:19
UK Caving Expedition to Jamaica in 1965 Raymond Stoyles Sid Perou 14:29
The Dales caving scene in the 1960s Raymond Stoyles Sid Perou 07:26
Whitsun Series and other discoveries Gerald Benn Sid Perou 08:15
Early caving, GG winch and some hairy moments Gerald Benn Sid Perou 11:43
Aftermath of the Whitsun Series discovery and other stories Gerald Benn Sid Perou 12:36
Cave rescues and expeditions Andy Jackson Sid Perou 14:38
Caving background and the 105 day camp in Stump Cross Geoff Workman Sid Perou 14:52
After his record camp in Stump Cross Geoff Workman Sid Perou 06:44
Gouffre Berger 1967 Expedition Dave Gill Sid Perou 04:24
Mulu Dave Gill Sid Perou 05:11
Untamed River expedition Dave Gill Sid Perou 07:10
Free diving in Swildon's Hole Mike Jeanmaire Sid Perou 02:13
The Independent Cave Diving Group Mike Jeanmaire Sid Perou 04:03
Early days with the Yorkshire Ramblers' Club at Gaping Gill John Lovett Sid Perou 10:14
Caving memories and underground bonfires John Lovett Sid Perou 09:35
Rescue in Penyghent Pot in 1951 John Lovett Sid Perou 07:38
Bob Leakey stories and caving politics John Lovett Sid Perou 05:00
Northern Ireland pub and first trip in Meregill John Lovett Sid Perou 10:36
Changes in cave diving and the risks Involved Mike Jeanmaire Sid Perou 03:37
A trip to Wookey 9 John Buxton Sid Perou 03:00
Early rebreather diving John Buxton Sid Perou 04:02
Royal Navy experiments on nitrogen narcosis John Buxton Sid Perou 06:46
1969 Rescue at Meregill Hole (Part One) Jack Pickup Sid Perou 07:12
1969 Rescue at Meregill Hole (Part Two) Jack Pickup Sid Perou 08:46
The Mossdale Tragedy Jack Pickup Sid Perou 08:53
Early days with the Happy Wanderers Jack Pickup Sid Perou 13:21
Early involvement with the C.R.O. Jack Pickup Sid Perou 09:45
Filming "What a Way to Spend a Sunday" Jack Pickup Sid Perou 11:30
A Fishermans Tale: A sad non-caving rescue with a humorous ending Jack Pickup Sid Perou 05:13
Cave rescue during the 1960s and 1970s Jack Pickup Sid Perou 06:16
Memories of Reg Hainsworth Jack Pickup Sid Perou 08:08
Early origins and conflicts within the early Cave Rescue Organisation Frank Royston Sid Perou 13:45
Early rescues and conflicts with Eli Simpson Frank Royston Sid Perou 12:22
White Scar stories Frank Royston Sid Perou 07:31
A strange encounter with Jim Eyre and tales from early expeditions Jim Newton Sid Perou 13:48
From Provatina to Lancaster Hole and Easegill Caverns Jim Newton Sid Perou 12:56
An horrific accident in Lost Pot Jim Newton Sid Perou 06:03
Rescues from both sides Jim Newton Sid Perou 12:55
To India by double-decker bus Jim Newton Sid Perou 14:54
Cave Rescue Organisation doctor John Frankland Sid Perou 07:43
Hypothermia, the press, and histoplasmosis John Frankland Sid Perou 14:24
(2010) Beginnings and claustrophobia Bob Leakey Jack Pickup 09:26
(2010) Settle, Eli Simpson and the BSA Bob Leakey Jack Pickup 09:50
(2010) Sacked from the BSA and the financing of the BSA Bob Leakey Jack Pickup 08:11
(2010) The "Cymmie" years Bob Leakey Jack Pickup 13:45
(2010) BSA politics, and his involvement in rescues Bob Leakey Jack Pickup 07:16
(2010) Cave Rescue and Penyghent Pot Bob Leakey Jack Pickup 10:14
The later years of the BSA and Eli Simpson Harry Long Sid Perou 14:35
The downfall of the BSA, and cave politics in the 1960's Harry Long Sid Perou 11:54
The Simpson archive 16 mm film Harry Long Sid Perou 08:11
"Northern Caves" - The story of the guide books Harry Long Sid Perou 10:06
The Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association Harry Long Sid Perou 11:20
(2010) Explorations on Grassington Moor and in Mossdale Caverns Bob Leakey Jack Pickup 10:54
Pioneer Cave Diver Mike Boon Sid Perou 02:54

No of interviews: 56.   Duration of interviews: 8 hours 37 minutes 43 seconds

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