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List of interviews given by Jack Pickup

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Title Interviewer Recordist Duration
Gaping Gill from a cave rescue view point Geoff Yeadon Lindsay Dodd 09:06
The Jes Peterson incident Geoff Yeadon Lindsay Dodd 14:37
Conclusion and lessons learned from the Jes Peterson rescue Geoff Yeadon Lindsay Dodd 09:36
The Far Country incident and Mike Wooding's "Great Escape" Geoff Yeadon Lindsay Dodd 01:32
1969 Rescue at Meregill Hole (Part One) Sid Perou Sid Perou 07:12
1969 Rescue at Meregill Hole (Part Two) Sid Perou Sid Perou 08:46
The Mossdale Tragedy Sid Perou Sid Perou 08:53
Early days with the Happy Wanderers Sid Perou Sid Perou 13:21
Early involvement with the C.R.O. Sid Perou Sid Perou 09:45
Filming "What a Way to Spend a Sunday" Sid Perou Sid Perou 11:30
A Fishermans Tale: A sad non-caving rescue with a humorous ending Sid Perou Sid Perou 05:13
Cave rescue during the 1960s and 1970s Sid Perou Sid Perou 06:16
Memories of Reg Hainsworth Sid Perou Sid Perou 08:08
Reminiscences of filming with Sid Perou Martin Baines Martin Baines 08:06
Rescue in Stream Passage Pot Jack Pickup Jack Pickup 07:49

No of interviews: 15.   Duration of interviews: 2 hours 9 minutes 50 seconds

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