Covid 19 Update 31-Mar-2021

Sid Perou: The Longest Dive

Back to Sid's filmography:   A retrospective documentary made in 2014 on the historic record-breaking cave dive under the valley of Kingsdale from the downstream sump in King Pot to the rising at Keld Head by Geoff Yeadon and Geoff Crossley in 1991. It includes underground and surface footage from the day of the dive itself. At the time this dive of over three kilometres was a world record and took five hours, including an hour for decompression. Cavers featured in this film include Geoff Yeadon and Geoff Crossley, with archive footage of Reg Hainsworth, Mike Wooding, and Oliver Statham. Surface supporters shown include Sid Perou, Bob Mackin, and John Thorp. The film was first shown at Hidden Earth in 2014.