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Sid Perou: Realm of Darkness - Drowned River of Dracos

Back to Sid's filmography:   The Drakos Spring is a major resurgence just off-shore of the Peloponnese peninsular south of Agios Dimitrios. A nearby large fossil resurgence called Katafiki Selinitsa has a window half a mile in into the drowned underground river. This film is the record of a 1985 Cave Diving Group expedition which had the intention of linking the Drakos resurgence to the cave, and explore further upstream in the underground river. Cavers shown include Petros Romanas, Geoff Crossley, Julian Griffiths, Paul Atkinson, Steve Dudley, Ian Watson, and Jonny Shaw. The two caves were eventually linked in 2005 by a team of Greek divers, resulting in the 4,000 metre long Drakos-Selinitsa System. The film was first broadcast on Channel 4 on the 4th December 1986.