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Sid Perou: Realm of Darkness - Hollow Mountain of Mulu

Back to Sid's filmography:   This film documents the Mulu '80 expedition. This expedition led by Andy Eavis and Ben Lyon was one of the most successful ever mounted by a British team, exploring and surveying over 50 kilometres of passage, and discovering the giant Sarawak Chamber. Those featured in the film is a who's who of British caving of the 1980s, and includes Andy Eavis, Sid Perou, Colin Boothroyd, Mike Meredith, Geoff Yeadon, Ben Lyon, Dave Checkley, Phil Chapman, Pete Smart, Jerry Wooldridge, Dick Willis, Tony White, and Marjorie Sweeting. This film was first broadcast on Channel 4 on 11th November 1984. It jointly won with The Lost River of Gaping Gill the prize for the best story or adventure film at the 3rd International Festival Speleological Cinema in Barcelona in the same year.