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Sid Perou: Man Bilong Hole Bilong Stone

Back to Sid's filmography:   This is a documentary of the 1975 New Guinea Expedition first broadcast on BBC Two on 1st November 1981 as part of the The World About Us series. The expedition was 24-man strong, and spent five months in the field centered on the high altitude karst of the Telefomin plateau above the Hindenburg Wall in the West Sepik District of Papua New Guinea. The main discovery, Telminum Sem, was pushed to a lenth of over 35 kilometres, and the deepest cave, Terbil Tem, was pushed to a depth of over 350 metres. The cavers featured include Andy Eavis, Peter Beron, Howard Beck, Dave Brook, John Buchan, Phil Chapman, Steve Crabtree, John Donovan, Paul Everett, Jim Farnworth, Mick Farnworth, Alan Goulbourne, Peter Gray, Jack Sheldon, Kevin Wilde. Tony White and Dave Yeandle. The film communicates well the realities of major caving expeditions.