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BSA: 1953 Rushes, Reel 2.02

Back to the Eli Simpson film rushes page:   In 1953 The British Speleological Association initiated a project under the leadership of Eli Simpson to make a 16┬ámm film about limestone caves in the Yorkshire Dales called "Birth of a Yorkshire River". They had a number of sessions filming both on the surface and underground, experimenting with both monochrome and Kodachrome film. The project was eventually abandoned, but the rushes were discovered in the Eli Simpson Archive held by the BCRA. These monochrome rushes show Arnold Brown with his Tilley Lamp guiding a party of visitors with candles around Ingleborough Cave. A number of the well known formations are shown. Some shots of three cavers are then seen in the show cave including clambering around at the top of The Abyss. The rushes finish with shots of Arnold Brown and a lady looking at formations.