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survey The Ground Plan of that extraordinary Excavation in Derbyshire called the Devil's A. in PeakeQuery external information icon
pub: ca.1782 : held by: British Library K.Top.11.26.c
46 x 23 entry This Key appears to have been added by a different hand:
1 Stream which loses itself among the Rocks
2 Entrance into the cave
3 Cottages inhabited by poor people who make Packthread and sells Candles to Travellers
4 Broken rocks fallen from the roof & sides
5 The door leading from the outer Cavern to the Second kept loc'd by the Guides
6 The boat in the first Water which conveys one person under the Arch A abt. five yards thro
7 the great Cavern
8 Steps cut in the Sand to Descend to the Second Water B. Through which you are carried on Men's backs.
9 The Entrance to the Passage leading to the Chancell C. Where Six men are discovered singing.
10 The third Cavern which is 400 Yards from the Entrance

By the steps it says "210 feet wide abt. 80 feet high" The continuation is marked "Swallows"...