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Vol 30 (1) pub: held by: BCL
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3-7 Charlton, R.A. Towards defining a scallop dominant discharge for vadose conduits: some preliminary results
9-14 Dogan, U. & L. Nazik The Çamlik Caves System (Konya, Turkey) Turkey
15-22 Karimi, H., E. Raeisi & M. Zare Hydrodynamic behavior of the Gilan karst spring, west of Zagros, Iran Iran
23-32 Taborosi, D., K. Hirakawa & K. Stafford Speleothem-like calcite and aragonite deposits on a tropical carbonate coast
33-36 Kendall, A.J. & R.S. Hicks Dinantian vertebrate (fish) remains in the walls of Ogof Draenen, South Wales, UK geology,UK,S Wales
37-38 Murphy, P.J. Dolomitization of the Great Scar Limestone Group in the Black Keld catchment, North Yorkshire, UK geology,UK,NW England
39-42 Smart, D. Sub-sea level speleothems from the Andaman coast of southern Thailand, and sea level change in Southeast Asia Thailand
44-45 Ford, T.D. Peak Cavern UK,Peak