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articleInternational Association of Hydrological Sciences : International Association of Hydrology; Workshop, Rabat 1997external query icon external information icon
Karst Hydrology pub: 1998
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127-136 Inaki Antiquedad Systèmes aquifères karstiques du Pays Basque hydrology,Spain
Hydrogeological Processes in Karst Terranes pub: 1990
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107-117 W. (V. U.) Dragoni; A. Verdacchi First results from the monitoring system of the karstic complex "Grotte di Frasassi-Grotta Grande del Vento" (central Apennines, Italy) hydrology,meteorology,Italy
341-349 Paolo Forti; Luigi Micheli; Leonardo Piccini; Giovanni Pranzini The karst aquifers of Tuscany hydrology,Italy
Karst Hydrology and Karst Environment Protection pub: 1988
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10-16 Guram I.Buschidze; Tamaz Z.Kiknadze Hydrogeology of Mountain Karst hydrology,Balkans
241-247 Zhao Shusen; Liu Minglin; Qiao Guangsheng The U-Series Ages of Speleothem in Karst Caves in Eastern China geoscience,China
276-280 P.Garay; F.J.Obarti; J.Morell Dissolution Rates in Spanish Karst Regions hydrology,Spain
281-290 Paul W.Williams Hydrological Control and the Development of Cockpit and Tower Karst geomorphology
309-314 Inaki Antiquedad; Alfonso Garcia de Cortazar About the Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Behaviour of the Karstic Areas in the Basque Country (Northern Spain) hydrology,Spain
328-336 F.J.Obarti; P.Garay; J.Morell An Attempt to karst Classification in Spain Based on System Analysis hydrology,Spain
435-440 Boris M.Shenkman Karst hydrogeology of southern part of the Siberian Platform geology,hydrology,Russia
446-450 K.S.Murty Karst Hydrogeology: India geology,hydrology,India
724-730 S.L.Hobbs; P.L.Smart Heterogeneity in carbonate aquifers - A case study from the Mendip Hills, England hydrology,UK,Mendip
731-734 Jan Silar Establishing of the residence time of ground water in Karst [tritium and radiocarbon] hydrology
750-757 Liu Lizhen; Zhang Ziling; he Jianwen; Wu Yiren Application and Development of Electromagnetic Wave Tomography in Karst Exploration geophysics
775 S.J.Stokowski Ground Magnetic Studies in Karst (Abstract) hydrology,Spain
864-869 Bernard Blavoux; Jaques Mudry Importance of the Sampling Rhythm in the Hydrochemical study and Hydrocinematical Knowledge of Karstic Aquifers hydrology,France
948-953 Pascal Moeschler; Romain Christe; Imre Muller Microcrustaceans as Bioindicators in Karstic Aquifers: a Case Study in the Jura (Neuchatel) biospeleology,Switzerland
Karst Water Resources pub: 1985
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446-113 M.Civita; B.Vigna Analysis of the Bossea cave hydrogeological system (Maritime Alps - Italy) hydrology,Italy
Subterranean Waters pub: 1964
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455-472 R.Hazan; L.Monition Etat des connaissances sur l'hydrogéologie karstique au Maroc hydrology,Morocco
531-542 H.Flathe; D.Pfeiffer Outlines on the hydrogeology of the Isle of Madura (Indonesia) geology,hydrology,Indonesia