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Volume 3 pub: 2001
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256–264 Andrew J.Holmes, Niina A.Tujula, Marita Holley, Annalisa Contos, Julia M.James, Peter Rogers, Michael R.Gillings Phylogenetic structure of unusual aquatic microbial formations in Nullarbor caves, Australia biospeleology,Australia
Volume 4 pub: 2002
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392–400 Claudia Schabereiter-Gurtner, Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez, Guadalupe Piñar, Werner Lubitz, Sabine Röllek Phylogenetic 16S rRNA analysis reveals the presence of complex and partly unknown bacterial communities in Tito Bustillo cave, Spain, and on its Palaeolithic paintings biospeleology,showcave,Spain,Asturias
Volume 5 pub: 2003
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1071–1086 Diana E.Northup, Susan M.Barns, Laura E.Yu, Michael N.Spilde, Rachel T.Schelble, Kathleen E.Dano, Laura J.Crossey, Cynth Diverse microbial communities inhabiting ferromanganese deposits in Lechuguilla and Spider Caves biospeleology,mineralogy,USA
Volume 6 pub: 2004
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111–120 Elena Hutchens, Stefan Radajewski, Marc G.Dumont, Ian R.McDonald, J.Colin Murrell Analysis of methanotrophic bacteria in Movile Cave by stable isotope probing biospeleology,Romania
Volume 7 pub: 2005
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1248–1259 Andreas H. Farnleitner, Ines Wilhartitz, Gabriela Ryzinska, Alexander K.T.Kirschner, Hermann Stadler, Martina M.Burtsche Bacterial dynamics in spring water of alpine karst aquifers indicates the presence of stable autochthonous microbial endokarst communities biospeleology,hydrology
Volume 9 pub: 2007
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1402–1414 Jennifer L.Macalady, Daniel S. Jones, Ezra H. Lyon Extremely acidic, pendulous cave wall biofilms from the Frasassi cave system, Italy [snottite] biospeleology,mineralogy,speleogenesis
1523–1534 Daniela B.Meisinger, Johannes Zimmermann1, Wolfgang Ludwig, Karl-Heinz Schleifer, Gerhard Wanner, Michael Schmid, Philip In situ detection of novel Acidobacteria in microbial mats from a chemolithoautotrophically based cave ecosystem (Lower Kane Cave, WY, USA) biospeleology
1613–1631 Anna A.Gorbushina Life on the rocks biospeleology
Volume 11 pub: 2009
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2329–2338 Sibylle Ziegler, Sonia Ackermann, Juraj Majzlan, Johannes Gescher Matrix composition and community structure analysis of a novel bacterial pyrite leaching community [snottite] biospeleology,mineralogy
Volume 12 pub: 2010
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1061–1074 Tanja Shabarova, Jakob Pernthaler Karst pools in subsurface environments: collectors of microbial diversity or temporary residence between habitat types biospeleology,Switzerland
Volume 13 pub: 2011
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226–240 Jason W. Sahl, Marcus O.Gary, J.Kirk Harris, John R.Spear A comparative molecular analysis of water-filled limestone sinkholes in north-eastern Mexico [Sistema Zacatón] biospeleology,Mexico