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175(3-4) pub: 2001
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429-448 YiMing Huang, Ian J. Fairchild, Andrea Borsato, Silvia Frisia, Nigel J. Cassidy, Frank McDermott and Chris J. Hawkeswort Seasonal variations in Sr, Mg and P in modern speleothems (Grotta di Ernesto, Italy) geoscience,Italy
175(3-4) pub: Jun 2001
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319-341 Philip van Beynen, Rick Bourbonniere, Derek Ford and Henry Schwarcz Causes of colour and fluorescence in speleothems geoscience
136(3-4) pub: Apr 1997
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263-270 Andy Baker, Emi Ito, Peter L. Smart and Reed F. McEwan Elevated and variable values of 13C in speleothems in a British cave system geoscience,Italy
235(3-4) pub: 2006
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390-404 Baldini, J.U.L., McDermott, F. & Fairchild, I.J. Spatial variability in cave drip water hydrochemistry: Implications for stalagmite paleoclimate records geoscience,Italy