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bookOtley, Jonathan : A Descriptive Guide to the English which is added an Excursion through Lonsdale to the Cavesexternal query icon external information icon
pub: 1843 : Keswick, Kirky Lonsdale, London ed: 7 external link icon
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91 '...a natural cavern called Dunald Mill Hole: it is inferior in extent and grandeur to some in the West Riding of Yorkshire and in Derbyshire; but to those who have not an opportunity of visiting others, it may give some idea of the nature of these subterranean cavities'
197-216 H.H.D. [Henry Harrison Davis] Descriptions of various caves from Easegill to Gordale [Witch Holes; Bull Pot; Gavel Pot; Rumbling Hole; Yordas Cave; Gingling Cave; Rowton Hole; the Keld Head; Weathercote Cave; Gingle Pot; Hurtle Pot; Gatekirk Cave; Douk Cave; Catknot Hole; Alum Pot; Long Churn; Dicken Hole; Mier Gill; Barefoot Wives' Hole; Ingleborough Cave.] and woodcuts [by T.Binns of Halifax, engraved by O.Jewitt of Oxford] of Weathercote (x2) and Yordas (x3), plus Malham Cove and Goredale picture
pub: 1849 : Keswick, Kirky Lonsdale, London ed: 8
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191-212 as in 7th ed plus extracts from Westall's 'Views of the Caves' like: 'These Caves are supposed to be formed by water forcing its way through natural fissures, and carrying the softer or broken parts of the rock with it, as streams are found invariably to run through them all.' picture