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Originator Place Titles
article [ Acta Cientifica Venezolana ] Venezuela 552
article ? Univ. of Tennessee ? USA 1
article Academic Press 5
article American Associatiion of Petroleum Geologists USA 1
article American Association for the Advancement of Science USA 2
article American Geographical Society USA 1
article American Geophysical Union USA 1
article American Institute of Biological Sciences USA 1
article Association of Polish Geomorphologists Poland 1
article Bellweather Publishing 1
article Blackwell Publishing 4
article Borneo Research Council 1
article British Geomorphological Research Group UK 2
article British Society for Geomorphology UK 4
article Cardiff Naturalists Society UK 1
article Cumberland and Westmoreland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society UK 2
article Derbyshire Archaeological Society UK 1
article Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature, and Art UK 1
article E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung 17
article East Midlands Geological Society UK 29
article Elsevier 45
article European Geosciences Union 1
article European Union of Geosciences Europe 3
article Fell and Rock Climbing Club UK 1
article Geol.Soc.Iraq Iraq 2
article Geological Society UK 4
article Geological Society of America USA 9
article Geological Society of Australia Australia 1
article Geologists' Association UK 3
article Government of Nepal, Department of Archaeology Nepal 3
article Gower Society UK 3
article Gruppo Grotte Catania [Etna] Italy 2
article Helictite Australia 1
article Himalayan Club India 3
article Institute of British Geographers UK 4
article International Association of Hydrological Sciences UK 7
article International Association of Sedimentologists 1
article International Glaciological Society 3
article International Union of Geological Sciences 3
article Jennings, J.N.; James, J.M.; Counsell, W.J.; Whaite, T.M. Australia 1
article Malayan Nature Society Malaysia 1
article Manchester Geological Society UK 1
article Martel, Édouard-Alfred France 1
article Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences Poland 1
article National Geographic Society USA 102
article New Mexico Geological Society USA 1
article Open Air Publications UK 1
article Royal Canadian Geographic Society Canada 1
article Royal Geographical Society UK 35
article Royal Irish Academy UK 1
article Royal Meteorological Society UK 2
article Royal Society of Edinburgh UK 1
article Royal Society of London UK 4
article Royal Society of South Africa South Africa 2
article Sarawak Museum Malaysia 15
article Sociedad Venezolana Espeleologia Venezuela 1
article Société géologique de Belgique, Belgium 1
article Southport Society of Natural Science UK 1
article Springer 6
article Strand Magazine UK 1
article Taylor and Francis Ltd UK 7
article The Mineralogical Society UK 1
article University of Malaya (Singapore) Singapore 2
article US Department of Health and Human Services USA 1
article Wilderness Medical Society 1
article 1
article Wilford, Gerald Edward (Wilf) Malaysia 3
article Yorkshire Geological and Polytechnic Society UK 5
article Yorkshire Geological Society UK 1