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book 16th International Congress of Speleology Proceedings {website}
book 16th International Congress of Speleology Program {website}
book 16th International Congress of Speleology Proceedings {website}
book 16th International Congress of Speleology Proceedings {website}
book 15th International Congress of Speleology Proceedings {website}
book 15th International Congress of Speleology Proceedings {website}
book 15th International Congress of Speleology Proceedings {website}
book Andero, B.; Duran, J.J. (eds) Investigaciones en sistemas karsticos espanoles {website}
book Bagaméri, B.; Coman, D.;Tóth, K. Szelek Barlangja {website}
book Bahmanyar, Mir Afghanistan Cave Complexes, 1979-2004 {website}
book Bailey, Vernon Orlando Animal life of the Carlsbad Cavern {website}
book Baker, E.A. and Balch, H.E. The Netherworld of Mendip {website}
book Balch, Edwin Swift Glacières or Freezing Caverns {website}
book Balcombe, Francis Graham A Glimmering in Darkness {website}
book Baring-Gould, Sabine The Deserts of Southern France {website}
book Barnatt, John and Penny, Rebecca The lead legacy, the prospects for the Peak District's Lead Mining Heritage {website}
book Bergsvik, Knut Andreas; Skeates,Robin Caves in Context {website}
book Beron,P; Daaliev, T; Jalov, A Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria {website}
book Boulanger, Pierre Grottes et Abimes {website}
book Bradford Pothole Club The Bradford Pothole Club Guide to Gaping Gill {website}
book Bretz, J Harlen Caves of Illinois {website}
book Bridges, T.C. Adventures Under Ground {website}
book David Brock, John Cordingley, Colin Hayward, Duncan Price, Rupert Skorupka, Rick Stanton, Mike Thomas, John Volanthen, Andrew Ward, Clive Westlake The Cave Diving Group Manual {website}
book Browne, George Forrest Ice-caves of France and Switzerland {website}
book Buckland, William Reliquiæ Diluvianæ {website}
book Bullitt, Alexander Clark Rambles in the Mammoth Cave During the Year 1844 By a Visiter {website}
book Burek, Cynthia V. and C.D.Prosser (eds) The history of geoconservation {website}
book Burgess, Robert F. The Cave Divers {website}
book Burnham, Brad Mammoth Cave {website}
book Casteret, Norbert Ten Years Under the Earth {website}
book Casteret, Norbert Muta, fille des cavernes. {website}
book Catcott, Alexander A treatise on the deluge {website}
book Celesti, Sergio; Guerriero, Giovanni; Salvatori, Francesco Sollecitatazioni Dinamiche E Statiche Nelle Attrezzature Speleoloiche {website}
book Cook, Samuel. The Jenolan caves {website}
book Cooper, Max; Mylroie, John E. Glaciation and Speleogenesis {website}
book Corballis, Tim Below {website}
book Cotton, C. Wonders of the Peake {website}
book Council of Northern Cave Clubs (CNCC) Northern Cave Handbook {website}
book Council of Northern Cave Clubs (CNCC) Northern Caving {website}
book Council of Northern Cave Clubs (CNCC) Northern Caving {website}
book Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club Peak rigging guide {website}
book Culver, David C. and Kane, Thomas C. and Fong, Daniel W. Adaptation and Natural Selection in Caves {website}
book Cvijic, Jovan La Geographie Des Terrains Calcaires {website}
book Dalton, William; Nicholls, C.P. The Nest Hunters {website}
book Darne, Fabien; Tordjman, Patrice A Travers {website}
book Davidson, Robert An Excursion to the Mammoth Cave, and the Barrens of Kentucky {website}
book Dawkins, William Boyd Cave Hunting {website}
book Douglas, John Scott Caves of Mystery {website}
book Doyle, Arthur Conan Tales of Terror and Mystery {website}
book Eastmead, William Historia rievallensis {website}
book Ebbs, Cris Underground Clwyd {website}
book Ebbs, Cris An Introduction to the Caves of north-east Wales {website}
book Fage, Luc-Henri; Chazine, Jean-Michel Bornéo {website}
book Fincham, Alan Jamaica Underground {website}
book Gillett, John E. Of Caves and Caving: A Way and a Life {website}
book Gilli, Eric Karstologie — Karsts, Grottes et Sources {website}
book Gillieson, David Caves Processes, Development, Management {website}
book Goldscheider,Nico; Drew, David Philip Methods in Karst hydrogeology {website}
book Hamilton-Smith, Elery and Finlayson, Brian Beneath the Surface {website}
book Handel-Mazzetti, Heinrich A Botanical Pioneer in South West China {website}
book Hanson, Jeanne K. Caves {website}
book Hanwell, Jim; Price, Duncan; Witcombe, Richard (eds.) Wookey Hole {website}
book Hardy, Thomas Our Exploits at West Poley {website}
book Harmon, Russell S. and Wicks, Carol M. Perspectives on Karst Geomorphology, Hydrology, And Geochemistry {website}
book Hartwig, George Subterranean World {website}
book Hovey, Horace Carter Guide book to the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky {website}
book Housman, John A descriptive tour, and guide to the lakes, caves, mountains, and other Natural Curiosities in Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lancashire and a Part of the west Riding of Yorkshire {website}
book Huddart, D. and Glasser, N.F. Quaternary of Northern England {website}
book Hurd, Barbara Entering the Stone {website}
book Hutton, John Tour to the Caves {website}
book Ingleborough Archaeology Group A Survey of the north-west flanks of Ingleborough {website}
book Núñez Jiménez, Antonio Cuba con la Mochila al hombro {website}
book Kharpran Daly, Brian K. Caves for the Uninitiated {website}
book Kirkup, James The Descent into the Cave and other poems {website}
book Klimchouk, Alexander Hypogene Speleogenesis {website}
book Klimchouk, Alexander B. and Ford, Derek C. and Palmer, Arthur N. and Dreybrodt, Wolfgang Speleogenesis Evolution of Karst Aquifers {website}
book Knebel, Walther von Höhlenkunde mit berücksichtigung der karstphänomene {website}
book Knez,Martin; Slabe, Tadej (eds) Kraški pojavi, razkriti med gradnjo slovenskih avtocest {website}
book Knight, Lee Cave Life In Britain {website}
book Knox, Thomas. W. Underground {website}
book Kramer, Stephen Caves {website}
book Larson, Peggy; Larson, Lane Caving {website}
book León García, José Cantabria Subterránea {website}
book León García, José Cantabria Subterránea {website}
book Lindop, Laurie Cave Sleuths {website}
book Lino, Clayton Ferreira and Allievi, João Cavernas brasileiras {website}
book Llopis Llado, Noel Fundamentos de hidrogeologia carstica {website}
book Lübke, Anton The World of Caves {website}
book MacEnery, J. Cavern Researches {website}
book Martel, Édouard-Alfred Les Cavernes de la Grande-Chartreuse et du Vercors {website}
book Martel, Édouard-Alfred La Speleologie {website}
book Martel, Édouard-Alfred Le Gouffre et La Riviere Souterraine de Padirac {website}
book Martel, Édouard-Alfred Nouveaux traité des eaux eouterraines {website}
book Martel, Édouard-Alfred La France ignoree {website}
book Martel, Édouard-Alfred Les Abîmes {website}
book Mayoral, Daniel and Mateu, Tomeu Mallorca, bellezas en la oscuridad {website}
book MIÑARRO, Josep M. CENT ANYS D’ESPELEOLOGIA A CATALUNYA 1897 – 1997 {website}
book Moyes, Holley Sacred Darkness {website}
book Nazarieff, Serge; Strinati, Pierre Clair de Roche {website}
book Otley, Jonathan A Descriptive Guide to the English which is added an Excursion through Lonsdale to the Caves {website}
book Otley, Jonathan A Descriptive Guide to the English which is added an Excursion through Lonsdale to the Caves {website}
book Owen, Luella Agnes Cave Regions of the Ozarks and Black Hills {website}
book Fernandez Peris, Joseph et al. Catálogo Espeleológico del País Valenciano {website}
book Fernandez Peris, Joseph et al. Catálogo Espeleológico del País Valenciano {website}
book Phillips, John The Rivers Mountains and Sea-coast of Yorkshire {website}
book Pitty, Alistair F. Introduction to geomorphology {website}
book Pitty, Alistair F. Geomorphology {website}
book Polehampton, Edward Gallery of Nature and Art, Or a Tour Through Creation and Science, Vol.II {website}
book Price, Duncan Welsh Sump Index {website}
book Puch, Carlos Atlas de las grandes cavidades Españolas {website}
book Rankin, Frank The Wemyss Caves {website}
book Rankin, Frank Guide to the Wemyss Caves {website}
book Ransom, Candice F. Danger at Sand Cave {website}
book Regional Environmental Protection Agency Timişoara (REPA) Preserving Management Of The 8310 Habitat From Semenic - Cheile Carasului Natura 2000 Site {website}
book Regional Environmental Protection Agency Timişoara (REPA) Good Practices Guide For Terrain Administration Of Land Situate In Karst Areas {website}
book Religious Tract Society The caves of the earth {website}
book Rose, David and Gregson, Richard Beneath the Mountains {website}
book Rutter, John Delineations of the North Western Division of the County of Somerset and its Antediluvian Bone Caverns {website}
book Salomon, Jean-Noël Précis de karstologie {website}
book Sasowsky, Ira D.;Fong, Daniel W.;White, Elizabeth L. Conservation and Protection of the Biota of Karst {website}
book Sasowsky, Ira D. and Mylroie, John Studies of Cave Sediments {website}
book Shaw, Trevor John Oliver's Postojnska jama of 1856. With an introduction by Trevor Shaw {website}
book Shaw, Trevor and Čuk, Alenka Slovene Caves and Karst Pictured 1545-1914 {website}
book Nicholas M. Short, Sr. and Robert W. Bair, Jr (eds) Geomorphology from Space {website}
book Silvestru, Emil The Cave Book {website}
book Sloane, Howard N. and Gurnee, Russell H. Visiting American Caves {website}
book Sopwith, Thomas An account of the mining districts of Alston Moor, Weardale, and Teesdale... {website}
book Speight, H. The Craven and North West Yorkshire Highlands {website}
book Stafford, Kevin and Majkowski, Lisa The Mystery of Black Water Cave {website}
book Tabor, James M. Blind Descent {website}
book Taboroši, Danko Field Guide to Caves and Karst of Guam {website}
book Taviner, Rob Is That So? {website}
book Tazieff, Haroun Le gouffre de la Pierre Saint-Martin {website}
book Todd, Anne M. Caving Adventures {website}
book Trevanion (Rodney William Whitaker) Shibumi {website}
book Enric Aragonès i Valls Marià Faura i Sans 1883–1941 {website}
book Verne, Jules A journey to the centre of the earth {website}
book Waltham, Tony (Antony Clive) Caves {website}
book Waltham, Antony Clive (Tony) and Simms, Mike J. and Farrant, Andrew R. and Goldie, Helen S. Karst and Caves of Great Britain {website}
book Warren, Robert Penn The Cave {website}
book Weaver, Dwight H. The Wilderness Underground {website}
book Weaver, Dwight H. Missouri Caves in History and Legend {website}
book West, Thomas A guide to the lakes {website}
book Wilton-Jones, Mark (Tarquin) Ten years in the dark {website}
book Wisshak, Max Inside Mother Earth {website}
book Wright, Charles W. A Guide Manual to the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky {website}
book Wright, Mark; Shone, Robbie Gouffre Berger {website}
book Zupan Hajna, Nadja Incomplete Solution {website}
book Felix Ugarte Elkartea Ilunpetik {website}
book Felix Ugarte Elkartea Hernani {website}
book Grup D'Espeleologia De Badalona (GEB) Monografico {website}