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Interviewee Title Catalogue tags
John Buxton Royal Navy experiments on nitrogen narcosis diving,Caribbean,UK,Mendip,NW England,S Wales
Malcolm Bass Explorations in Penyghent Pot - Part 2 diving,exploration,UK,NW England
Andy Tharratt Explorations in Penyghent Pot diving,exploration,UK,NW England
Mike Wooding The Gaping Gill film (1) diving,film,UK,NW England
Mike Wooding The Gaping Gill film (2) diving,film,UK,NW England
Sid Perou Making "The Lost River of Gaping Gill" (1970) diving,film,UK,NW England
Bob Mackin The "Underground Eiger" film diving,technical,UK,NW England
Bob Mackin The Gaping Gill - Ingleborough Cave link-up diving,technical,UK,NW England
Mike Wooding Diving in Swildon's & Stoke Lane and the first Yorkshire trips diving,UK,Mendip,NW England
Mike Wooding The first 1,000' cave dive in Keld Head diving,UK,NW England
Geoff Yeadon Early dives in Boreham Cave and Bear's near miss diving,UK,NW England
Geoff Yeadon The "Dead Man's Handshake" incident in Keld Head diving,UK,NW England
Mike Wooding The Lancaster Hole to Bull Pot of the Witches connection diving,UK,NW England
Mike Wooding Diving tables and to the Dales diving,UK,NW England
Mike Wooding His first dives in Keld Head diving,UK,NW England
Geoff Yeadon Diving at Boreham Cave and the discovery of the "China Shop" diving,UK,NW England