List of interviews recorded by Andy Chapman

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Title Interviewee Interviewer Duration
Gouffre Berger 1963 Expedition Bob Gillibrand Andy Chapman 16:23
Early Days Bob Gillibrand Andy Chapman 09:41
Gouffre Berger 1967 Expedition Frank Barnes Andy Chapman 15:27
Memories of John Ogden Frank Barnes Andy Chapman 09:27
Early Beginnings Frank Barnes Andy Chapman 07:09
Explorations in Penyghent Pot - Part 1 Malcolm Bass Andy Chapman 20:48
Explorations in Penyghent Pot - Part 2 Malcolm Bass Andy Chapman 19:05
Explorations in Penyghent Pot Andy Tharratt Andy Chapman 16:52
Getting Started Rick Stanton Andy Chapman 04:37
Breakthroughs in Notts 2 and Fountains Fell Master Cave Rick Stanton Andy Chapman 06:00
Explorations in Ogof Daren Cilau Rick Stanton Andy Chapman 02:14
New depths in Wookey Hole Rick Stanton Andy Chapman 08:36
Pushing the Emergence du Ressel, Dordogne Rick Stanton Andy Chapman 08:54
The Cuetzalan Rescue Rick Stanton Andy Chapman 12:03
Early Beginnings Derek Ford Andy Chapman 12:16
From Mendip to McMaster Derek Ford Andy Chapman 11:09
Caving Beginnings at McMaster Derek Ford Andy Chapman 12:16
Explorations in Castleguard Cave Derek Ford Andy Chapman 17:18
Expanding the Nahanni National Park Derek Ford Andy Chapman 07:35
Contributions to Karst Science Derek Ford Andy Chapman 17:42
Getting Started Jason Mallinson Andy Chapman 08:51
Explorations in Alum Pot Jason Mallinson Andy Chapman 08:07
Witches Cave to Pippikin Pot Jason Mallinson Andy Chapman 13:55
Diving in the Sistema Huautla Jason Mallinson Andy Chapman 17:39
Explorations in Pozo Azul Jason Mallinson Andy Chapman 26:54
Early Caving with ULSA Andy Eavis Andy Chapman 15:11
A Life of Expeditions Andy Eavis Andy Chapman 30:22
Caving Politics Andy Eavis Andy Chapman 11:21
Personal memories of the Mossdale incident Frank Rayner Andy Chapman 23:51

No of interviews: 29.   Duration of interviews: 6 hours 31 minutes 43 seconds

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