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List of interviews conducted by Jack Pickup

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Title Interviewee Recordist Duration
(2010) Beginnings and claustrophobia Bob Leakey Sid Perou 09:26
(2010) Settle, Eli Simpson and the BSA Bob Leakey Sid Perou 09:50
(2010) Sacked from the BSA and the financing of the BSA Bob Leakey Sid Perou 08:11
(2010) The "Cymmie" years Bob Leakey Sid Perou 13:45
(2010) BSA politics, and his involvement in rescues Bob Leakey Sid Perou 07:16
(2010) Cave Rescue and Penyghent Pot Bob Leakey Sid Perou 10:14
Rescue in Stream Passage Pot Jack Pickup Jack Pickup 07:49
(2010) Explorations on Grassington Moor and in Mossdale Caverns Bob Leakey Sid Perou 10:54

No of interviews: 8.   Duration of interviews: 1 hour 17 minutes 25 seconds

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