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List of interviews conducted by Geoff Yeadon

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Title Interviewee Recordist Duration
His early caving experiences Dave Brook Lindsay Dodd 04:56
Surveying and a possible Car Pot connection Dave Brook Lindsay Dodd 04:05
"Cloak and dagger" in Whitsun Series Dave Brook Lindsay Dodd 08:45
Chasing draughts in Hensler's Master Cave Dave Brook Lindsay Dodd 07:55
First breakthrough into Far Country Dave Brook Lindsay Dodd 09:14
The first exploration of Far Country Dave Brook Lindsay Dodd 10:46
Far Country - Mountain Hall and beyond Dave Brook Lindsay Dodd 10:40
Further discoveries in Far Country Dave Brook Lindsay Dodd 12:13
The implications of the Far Country finds Dave Brook Lindsay Dodd 04:12
Reflections on an era of discovery Dave Brook Lindsay Dodd 07:19
His early caving on Mendip and in Yorkshire Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 10:45
Early cave diving and success in Swildon's Hole Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 11:14
The Lancaster Hole to Bull Pot of the Witches connection Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 04:05
Diving in Swildon's & Stoke Lane and the first Yorkshire trips Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 06:17
Life as a commercial diver Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 03:33
Diving tables and to the Dales Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 04:11
Gouffre Berger 1967 Expedition Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 04:40
His first dives in Keld Head Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 08:06
The Gaping Gill film (1) Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 11:23
The Gaping Gill film (2) Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 08:44
The discovery of Far Waters Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 06:11
Hallucination Aven, the real story Mike Wooding Lindsay Dodd 07:20
(1983) The early days, discoveries in Gaping Gill and elsewhere Bob Leakey Lindsay Dodd 09:52
(1983) Passing the sump in Disappointment Pot Bob Leakey Lindsay Dodd 07:36
(1983) Break up of the BSA and extensions in Ingleborough Cave Bob Leakey Lindsay Dodd 10:18
Early years and the Gaping Gill Whitsun Series discovery Dick Glover Lindsay Dodd 13:14
Dating in Gaping Gill and the Whitsun Series conclusions Dick Glover Lindsay Dodd 05:02
Gaping Gill Far South East Passage Dick Glover Lindsay Dodd 02:10
The early development of the Molephone Dick Glover Lindsay Dodd 03:09
Beginnings and early ventures in Swildon's Hole Eric Hensler Lindsay Dodd 09:44
The Wessex Years and first trips to Yorkshire Eric Hensler Lindsay Dodd 03:07
"Discovery" of Ingleborough Cave Inauguration Series Sid Perou Lindsay Dodd 05:52
Making "The Lost River of Gaping Gill" (1970) Sid Perou Lindsay Dodd 13:15
The discovery of Hensler's Crawl in Gaping Gill Eric Hensler Lindsay Dodd 10:02
The discovery of New Hensler's Crawl in Gaping Gill Eric Hensler Lindsay Dodd 02:30
The development of the "Molephone" Bob Mackin Lindsay Dodd 13:00
Continuing developments of the "Molephone" Bob Mackin Lindsay Dodd 10:22
Early use of the "Molephone" for rescue purposes Bob Mackin Lindsay Dodd 11:13
The "Underground Eiger" film Bob Mackin Lindsay Dodd 11:10
The Gaping Gill - Ingleborough Cave link-up Bob Mackin Lindsay Dodd 14:24
Yorkshire caving during the Second World War Jack Myers Lindsay Dodd 08:01
Disappointment Pot exploration and equipment at the time Jack Myers Lindsay Dodd 14:23
Equipment during the war years and now Jack Myers Lindsay Dodd 11:18
Communication and an early call-out at Disappointment Pot Jack Myers Lindsay Dodd 07:25
Yorkshire cave exploration after the war Jack Myers Lindsay Dodd 08:30
Gaping Gill from a cave rescue view point Jack Pickup Lindsay Dodd 09:06
The Jes Peterson incident Jack Pickup Lindsay Dodd 14:37
Conclusion and lessons learned from the Jes Peterson rescue Jack Pickup Lindsay Dodd 09:36
The Far Country incident and Mike Wooding's "Great Escape" Jack Pickup Lindsay Dodd 01:32
His account of the mishaps which led to his rescue Jes Peterson Lindsay Dodd 13:57
Continuation of his account of being trapped down Mud Pot Jes Peterson Lindsay Dodd 14:43
Conclusion of his account of being rescued from Mud Pot Jes Peterson Lindsay Dodd 07:20

No of interviews: 52.   Duration of interviews: 7 hours 23 minutes 2 seconds

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