Covid Update, Feb 2022

List of deceased interviewees in the archive

The following deceased interviewees have interviews available in the archive. You may see a full list of their recordings clicking on their name.

Bert Bradshaw  (3 interviews) Graham Balcombe  (1 interview) Mel Davies  (1 interview)
Bill Gascoine  (1 interview) Herbert Balch  (3 interviews) Mike Boon  (2 interviews)
Bob Leakey  (10 interviews) Ian Rolland  (1 interview) Mike Jeanmaire  (3 interviews)
Bob Savage  (1 interview) Jack Myers  (5 interviews) Mike Wooding  (13 interviews)
Brian Price  (1 interview) Jim Eyre  (1 interview) Raymond Stoyles  (2 interviews)
Dick Glover  (4 interviews) John Buxton  (3 interviews) Rob Parker  (1 interview)
Eric Hensler  (4 interviews) Ken Pearce  (2 interviews) Tom Hewer  (1 interview)
Frank Atkinson  (3 interviews) Lindsay Dodd  (1 interview) William Stanton  (1 interview)

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